Monday, September 13, 2010

A Promise to God

WOW has it been a really long time since I blogged! With so much going on in my life I have failed to keep up! My last post was in November and I had mentioned that I was forming a community Christmas charity event. I had no idea that Gods vision was much larger than mine, but it didn’t take me long to see what exactly he had in mind. Listening and following Gods word led me to our new non- profit organization the "LV Angels"! It was started in December and boy does it keep me busy! Some wonder "Why"! Why did Shannon suddenly begin to speak out and decide to venture into something so demanding? Let me briefly explain why. This blog began shortly after I almost lost someone extremely important in my life Sept of 2008 and I made a promise that I will forever keep! I never shared these words with anyone before now but I feel that to truly understand my story I must share them with you…so this is kind of how it went, "God, if you can spare my brother's life and make him whole again, I will forever seek, follow, and do your work here on earth". Now I know that bargaining with God isn't right, but at that moment in my life, that is all I had and I was willing to negotiate a deal. I also know that my brother survived his ordeal because it was God's Will and not because it was mine. But, never the less I had made a promise and it was a promise to the Lord that forever changed my life! At this time I was also forming an ever lasting and life changing friendship with Mrs. Tesi Pugh! I truly believe that God doesn't give you the people you want but he gives you the people you need. And, although I didn't realize it, I NEEDED Tesi and her beautiful friendship! You see, I was always a proud Christian but never a loud one. I mean, my husband and children knew my love of the Lord but my friends only saw me as this Loud, Cheerful, and funny friend. So I was scared with how they would suddenly take my vocal voice speaking out on Gods word, BUT this was my promise and I knew I had to somehow dig deep and humble myself to the critics in my life. Tesi taught me that promise or no promise, critics or no critics that speaking out about God was something I should be proud of and not something to hide as if ashamed! I am forever grateful for that life changing lesson! So began my journey~ my journey into sharing and enjoying Gods Words! The LV Angels was formed and with it came some VERY important people, some that were only with me a few months but that impacted my life in such a way that I will never ever go back to "hiding" my love of God. Does that Shannon prior to September 8, 2008 exist....HECK YES! I am still that bubbly, overly loud, excited about life, talks way to much (and way to fast), enjoys her wine, and her friends type of person! I am just OPENLY THANKFUL TO THE LORD now too! I hope our new organization the “LV Angels” gives others just that…HOPE! I pray everyone who takes part in this new adventure has an awakening in their hearts to loving and seeing the brighter side of life, people and the true BLESSING of the LORDS LOVE! As I close, I promise to my followers (if indeed there are some other than my family lol) that it wont take me as long before my next blog! Love you all!


  1. Staci Roberts13 September, 2010

    Shannon, as soon as I seen you had blogged I could not wait to read it. I was sure it would be uplift and fun all at the same time, and you did not fail me. You are right I also believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason. We have been aquaintances for many years but I am so proud to now call you my friend. Last year when I seen what you, Missy, and Tesi were doing for the families in LV I knew you were someone I would share the same interest with. Of course I have not been able to put as much time into the organization but what you have done for the people in our community is a wonderful thing and the people you have touched will never forget your kindness. Through you and the LV Angels organization I have met some great people who I am so proud to have come to know. Tesi is one of the ladies I met through the LV Angels. Tesi is such a wounderful woman, I don't even know if she knows how many lives she has touched with her kindness. I have told her I love to read her messages, they really make me stop and think. Tesi is just one of the many people who I have come to know and care about in the past year since becoming a part of the LV Angels, I found there are so many great people in our community.
    I just wanted to say Thanks for being my friend and I am so happy you decided to blog again. Also, I can't wait for our next girls day out with you, Missy.

    Your friend,

  2. Staci...your friendship is one of those that that the LV Angels has brought into my life and now your forever STUCK with me! haha...Thank you for reading and posting to my blog! Your such a special person and although you don't know it you have offered and gave a lot to the LV Angels and we are so very grateful!

  3. So glad you are back to blogging. I like being able to keep up with you this way.
    Love you!!

  4. Love you Mel!!!! Your family is so precious and your blog always makes me miss my "young" family. Those years fly by and I love how you enjoy EVERY SECOND OF IT with your kids! YOUR A GREAT MAMA!!!!!!