Thursday, September 23, 2010

A glance into my morning "ME TIME" and a little more =)

The inspiration for this post is some really sweet comments that have been left on my facebook lately. I have gotten some undeserved compliments. Don't get me wrong however I appreciate them immensely. But, I must come clean!--I tend to blog about the happy things in my day, the fun, the inspiring, and the beautiful.

And while I do love my life and my family so very much, my life is not perfect. I strive daily to become a better Christian and to practice what I try to instill in my children but it's not always easy. I have to make a conscience effort every morning to devote "quiet" time to be one on one with Lord and the best way to do that is with his word. This helps set the pace for my day. If I have a crazy hectic morning and all I can do is devote radio time to his music when I am getting ready then that’s exactly what I do. BUT I MAKE SURE THAT I LET HIM KNOW THAT HE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE and he comes BEFORE anything else. I treat the Lord like I want him to ALWAYS TREAT ME. I sure hope this makes since and I am not sounding like a crazy person . LOL

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am aware how annoyingly LOUD I can be and a little over the top for some friends BUT, I am ME and I feel that a if I remain true to myself and love God... that is all anyone can ask of someone. I guess what I am trying to explain on this blog is that I don't deserve the compliments my sweet friends have given me.....GOD deserves them. I am forever a work in progress and being led by his word.

I have a picture that hangs in my living room as a reminder to me and my family and I hope that I practice it daily even when I feel as if the entire world is caving in. It reads "I will show thee my faith by my works". I have found that doing God's works brings my life such JOY and such a huge SATISFING feeling that I cannot imagine NOT teaching this to my children. I refuse to ever give up HOPE that others can lead our youth into a better world by leading with example! I learned early on to follow my heart because my head will only lead me astray. That is exactly what HOPE is the ability to see with your heart when you cannot see it with your eyes.

I am still practicing and learning something I read today...that my family and friends are free to be them, I am free to be me and together we are free to be "US" as long as we are practicing our Faith.

If my blog is nothing more than a place my family can go to years from now when I am no longer around to help them learn the HARD lessons of LIFE, if they find it to be spiritually refreshing, and if it helps them to know that BLESSINGS come from above and begin with a prayer... then I feel this blog has done it's job and that the good Lord has used my life for a purpose.

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  1. Shannon, you are you and that is what makes you so special. The friend that I have come to care for is caring, God loving, wonderful mother and wife, loud, funny, giving,and loves life. None of us our perfect but you are very inspiring and bring out the good in our community. You love life and it shows through your home, children, husband, and your work with the LV Angels and other community works. So just keep smiling and as Tesi would SHINE!!