Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Tick tock..Tick tock..Tick tock...I am sure you get the picture (and yes that is the sound of the wall clock that drives so many of my friends nuts lol)! Waiting on results from the doctor can be one of the hardest and longest waits ever! Let me explain my small dilemma. I went to the doctor for an Echocardiogram of my heart after a random EKG showed some minor glitches. MINOR GLITCHES?? They assured me that this could merely be just a problem with the machine and happens often. But to be on the safe side they wanted me to have one done within the month. HUH? We went from "MINOR GLITCH" to having an "ECHOGRAM"! Fine, for peace of mind I set up my Echocardiogram for the following month and before leaving the office I do some routine blood work. The morning came and I met with the technician who would be performing the test. I was a NERVOUS WRECK, he assures me in a jokingly manner after applying the wires that I INDEED have a heartbeat....WELL I WOULD GUESS SO, HE WOULDN'T EVEN NEED THE WIRES OR MACHINE TO SEE THAT! He only had to see the pulsating vein in my neck! lol Okay, so now I am laying on this table and he begins the test, he is making no facial expressions and has already warned me that I would have to wait for the cardiologist to read me the results, but it would be 2 days. OH HECK NO!! This was a Friday, and I needed some reassurance that my heart wasn't going to STOP on me the second I pulled away from the office! As he is examining the pictures of my heart on the screen I feel compelled to ask him "So uh, you think you could tell me if there is something that the doctor might find alarming?" He assures me that to him my heart appears "BEAUTIFUL"! YESSSSS!!! I told him that with that one word, he had made a friend for life! lol. So I get dressed leave the doctor’s office and am feeling confident for awesome results on Monday. So now it's Monday and I bounce into my doctors office prepared to hear "Beautiful heart” again and indeed he says that my heart was in normal range for a person my age. I explained to him that I would rather him have brought in the technician to tell me the findings since he worded things much better! lol He laughed and assured me that these were great test results, HOWEVER.....Oh gosh not the HOWEVER! He continues, however, your blood results have come back not so great. Okay now I am thinking the lecture is coming regarding my cholesterol being to high and that I must control my diet better, AND I AM NOW THANKING GOD that I have not allowed Glenn to come in with me. lol..But what he says shocks me! His next words were “your cholesterol levels are wonderful but we are concerned with your White Blood Cell count that appears to be under the normal range and that your Platelets are EXTREMELY LOW”. Now relieved that my cholesterol levels are great, I am unsure what it means to have low white blood cells. So I ask if this was reason to be alarmed and he responds with "Not yet, let’s retest in a week and go from there"! Okay anyone who knows me has to know that "NOT YET" is only going to raise my level of concern and give me absolutely NO COMFORT! So here I go again, he wants me to fill up on vegetables and vitamins and come in for another blood sample in a week. GEEZ this is asking A LOT for an impatient person! I inform him that I am not happy with his Month here, 2 days there, and now a week! lol. So I go home and the family and I pray that the next set of results are more promising and hopefully our lives can go back to normal, whatever normal may be! lol.

Okay 9:50 a.m. and the phone rings! Results are in! I indeed scored better on my platelets and my WBC counts were elevated! Elevated enough that he felt sending me to see a hematologist was not necessary! My Hemoglobin levels were still low but so was my iron. He is putting me on a good iron pill, eat lots of broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach and come back in 4 weeks to see if we have the levels right were they should be!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! I felt like a kid who just scored a “B” after retaking a test they had just failed! LOL. So today is a GOOD DAY, and A NEW MORNING FOR ME! Glenn is on his way home after being gone for 5 days, my family and I are healthy, and for now I am feeling elated and super blessed. Who knows what tomorrow or next week will bring, right now is all that matters! And I am going to take ADVANTAGE OF IT! Thank you friends and family who have prayed for me, and yes not everybody knew to pray…I figured I would save those prayers for when I REALLY NEEDED them! LOL


  1. Praise God!!! And once agin HE comes through!!!! And I particularly am so glad HE did!!!

    Love you BIG!!!

  2. So glad everything looks better. Praise the good Lord!!! LOve ya!