Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blessed Weekend!

I am currently blogging from the comfort of my yard---YES, I indeed said comfort and yard in the same sentence. lol For the first time in a long time the wind is blowing a nice gentle breeze from the North. There are no mosquitoes to swat at, sweat to wipe, or gnats to prevent from flying up my nose. Sky and Kody are off doing their own thing (studying I believe), Trevor and Glenn are attending an officers meeting, and Peyton is within eye distance, dove hunting. I'm taking total advantage of my "quiet" time. Okay so as I type that part, Peyton shoots the gun and it echoes off the barn and scares me to death! Guess that’s God's sense of humor. lol.. Anyways, I am so happy with this weekend! Yesterday the entire family woke early to leave for the deer lease. We hiked trails, and rode our ranger up huge mountains, fished and just relaxed the ENTIRE DAY! Something about being in the middle of a 1000 acre ranch with nothing but nature and your family brings a sense of comfort, and total calmness to your spirit. I find that it is important that everyone find what brings their family such happiness and make sure they dedicate time to relish the moments of it. Life gets so crazy with the everyday tasks, jobs, running kids, and SCHEDULES that we lose focus on the IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE. Now today we make up for yesterdays play day. lol. We woke to a busy morning...With me doing laundry, starting a roast for dinner and picking up the house, Skylar dusting and vacuuming, Trevor and Peyton cleaning and preparing the turkey pens, Kody off to help the grandparents move some heavy things, and Glenn mowing and edging the yard, and ALL THIS COMPLETE BY 1pm. WHAT A SUCCESSFUL DAY! BUT, the most wonderful part of today had to be my family joining me bright and early with their own Bibles in hand ready to study what it was that I had prepared for my "devotional" time this morning. My heart was dancing as they interacted and spoke over Ecclesiastes 4:13-12:14. It was a great "Group" study. Now we are all relaxing doing our own things and are planning to meet up again @5 pm for mass and then supper. My life feels full at the moment and I hope my entire family feels as BLESSED as I do!

Riding the ranger around...cant you tell they were so enthused about me stopping to take a picture! lol What you cannot see is Skylar and Kody behind the ranger on 4 wheelers!


  1. Your writing is wonderful, just like the
    family you and Glenn have created. I am so
    proud of you Shannon.

  2. Thank you Mom! I love you MORE! :)