Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Motherhood has been my job for the past twenty years, and I have LOVED every second of it. I have come to see motherhood as a gift of immeasurable worth, a gift I can’t put into words, but one that gives deeper meaning to every part of my life. No it is NOT always easy but it IS ALWAYS REWARDING! Some may say Motherhood defines me but I say it has done much more than has FILLED me! I am BLESSED! Thank you to my husband for supporting my love for my job. It didn't come easy and he had to put in a lot of extra hours so that I could do it. It didn't come without sacrifice on our entire families part, but the lack of filled desires were more than made up for in an over abundance of character in our children. I have grown to appreciate the finer things and RELISH SIMPLICITY. My children are growing up fast and as a mother I pray that the lessons we have taught them will linger until way after we are gone. Those lessons are: Work hard and be honest, a persons character is worth more than any amount of money. Love unconditionally, learn to love everyone and everything. When you learn to love with your entire heart, light shines from your soul. You can only change yourselves. You cannot change others. You can only shine your Light of Love bright for others to see. Lastly, always remain humble and keep your faith in the Lord. Pray often and give Him praise. Blessed is the man who trusts God. Life is FULL of mountains and valley's but I can promise you that the walk is MUCH easier when your walking it with our friend, Jesus Christ. I hope my daughter and future daughter in-laws will one day love motherhood as much as I do, and will never be afraid to show it! I honestly believe the future of our children could forever be changed by a loving soul of a woman as mine was by my MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHERS!! :) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2011!!