Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on Princess Sophie

WOW! It has been a super long time since I have posted. I apologize to those who have prayed for our Sweet "Princess" Sophie and felt abandoned when it came to updates. Life has been VERY BUSY, and EXTREMELY CRAZY. I know there is no excuse but I thought I would throw a few out there in hopes you will forgive me. A lot has happened in these last few weeks; Sophie underwent chemotherapy, radiation, blood transfusions and has now just undergone surgery to remove the tumors from her lungs. She is back on her feet and feeling good. However, the biopsy report on the tumors was not what everyone had hoped for.The cancer has progressed to a stage that they fear a relapse is likely to occur and surgery maybe once again needed. So this Monday she will begin a VERY POWERFUL regimen of chemotherapy that is likely to make her very tired and weak. Our prayer is that she remains strong and free of illness during this time. It has been a blessing from God that she has remained so well this far, and so we KNOW your prayers are being heard and felt! Our Sweet Sophie is a VERY STRONG and TOUGH little girl. So tough that only 2 days following surgery, the doctors told her that she would have to be walking before being released and she looked at her daddy and said, "Well, lets get these feet on the ground!". So, Monday morning begins another bend in Sophie's already winding road. But with your prayers this 5 year old will continue to carry her heavy Cross with the same determination and strength that she has had all along. It's amazing to watch someone so young and frail carry something so heavy with such courage and strength! Please continue to pray for her, for it will be your prayers that will lift her and it will be the Good Lords hands that carry her. No matter what we do we must give thanks to God.