Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My beautiful Sky!

It seems like only yesterday,
we wiped away your tears.
Helped you grow and watched you play,
what happend to those years?

I remember slipping my hand in yours
when we walked through that Kinder door,
How was I to know that my heart would break
and my tears would start to pour!

You looked at me and said “ Mommy your going to be fine”
But I loved you so much, I was so selfish
because you were supposed to be ALL MINE.

Now here we are facing the day
that I had horrifically dreaded
You’re a beautiful grown lady
that knows exactly where she’s headed.

Your daddy and I love you so much
you have filled our hearts with pride
Just always keep god close
And let him be your guide.

Remember that with the support of
Gods love, family and friends
You will make it through lifes many
Challenges, rewards, and even bends.

Only you will write out your future
Line by line by line.
So get out in the world and show them

Daddy, Mama, Trevor and Peyton

Faith, Love and Trust!

Mothers Day weekend was again a TRUE blessing for me. I got to visit my mom along with aunts, uncles, and cousins that I rarely get to see. We traveled to Fredericksburg and saw Glenn’s mom, sisters, nieces and nephews and this is ALWAYS a treat and just a heart warming experience. On the way home Glenn and I discussed how when your young you take for granted seeing your family on Holidays and how the older you get you truly begin to appreciate the value of them and just hope they know how much they mean to us. We both feel so fortunate to have been placed in such WONDERFUL ONES!We also spoke of how this past year has taught us to never take one single day for granted, and again this weekend we were reminded of just how fast ones life can change. It seems right as I get my heart back on level ground, something comes along and bungee jumps it right back to the place I just fought so hard to bring it back from. However the last deliverance of the sad news has taught me that my Faith has grown. You see although my heart bungeed my Faith didn’t. My heart may always fall when I hear something sad, senseless, and heartbreaking but my Faith I pray never will. The little time I set aside each day for daily devotional is no doubt the reason for my strong faith, and for this I am so grateful. Daily Devotional is a vitamin for my soul perhaps, and keeps my mind right where I need it to be. I know that in order to get safely through all my hills and valley’s and still come out smiling, and walking as if I had never went through them I will need God’s love and guidance! I found that I don’t just need God as my friend but I want him to be my BEST FRIEND! We will all carry a Cross that will no doubt be the heaviest Cross you might ever encounter but I know that with Faith and the Love of God..your Cross will feel as if it has sprouted feet and lifted the weight of itself off your shoulders in order to help you get to your destination. And when you finally arrive your heart will be FILLED with LOVE, JOY and extreme HAPPINESS despite the heartache you had when you first started carrying it. All you need is TRUST, Trust in God!

Love to you all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Family time this weekend consisted of A LOT of manual labor. This of course does the soul good according to my husband. I hide a laugh as I listen as he tells this to the kids along with how it provides immediate gratification, gives a sense of accomplishment when your done and how hard work never hurt anyone. I hide the laugh because I know if I listen hard enough I could possibly hear my son Trevor thinking "Oh, please be quiet so we can get through with this already"! Well our project this weekend was to "unearth" sandstones that my husband has been wanting to do for MANY years in order to make a front pathway and a entrance to our gate. The size of some of these rocks are quite impressive and the fact they come from our family land makes this project that much more sentimental and unique. Glenn and I talk about how we must never forget to Thank God for our family time. We know that one day it will be just us and the memories will be something we always cherish. Making memories is so important not just for us but for our children. We hope one day when they are grown with a family of their own, they will look back at our "family time" (wheather its our daily dinner hour, nightly walks, or our "HARD manual labor" as the kids call it) with a smile and a GREAT MEMORY!
Poor Trevor (red shirt) and Kody preparing the place to set the rocks for our new entrance!

And here comes one of the many Sandstone Rocks! WOW...look at the size of that one!

Peyton enjoying being told to just stay clear since he was yet to small to help with such large rocks. (his dad was afraid of the weight of these things)

Still putting more rocks in place.

Now it was time to start forming up the pathway!

Trevor and Kody laying the rocks and adding the mortar!

Glenn smoothing and finishing the added touches

Of course no concrete work can be done without HANDPRINTS! =)

and a SMILE!

Finally time to put away the things, sit back drink a beer, soda pop, and for me a glass of wine and of course listen to the guys moan about there backs killing them..LOL! Sky and I gave them 2 thumbs up for a job WELL DONE!