Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My beautiful Sky!

It seems like only yesterday,
we wiped away your tears.
Helped you grow and watched you play,
what happend to those years?

I remember slipping my hand in yours
when we walked through that Kinder door,
How was I to know that my heart would break
and my tears would start to pour!

You looked at me and said “ Mommy your going to be fine”
But I loved you so much, I was so selfish
because you were supposed to be ALL MINE.

Now here we are facing the day
that I had horrifically dreaded
You’re a beautiful grown lady
that knows exactly where she’s headed.

Your daddy and I love you so much
you have filled our hearts with pride
Just always keep god close
And let him be your guide.

Remember that with the support of
Gods love, family and friends
You will make it through lifes many
Challenges, rewards, and even bends.

Only you will write out your future
Line by line by line.
So get out in the world and show them

Daddy, Mama, Trevor and Peyton


  1. Anonymous12 May, 2009

    WE LOVE THAT FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nano & Poppy

  2. Love the poem! Thanks for making me cry! Skylar is such a beautiful and sweet young lady. You and Glenn have done a great job!!

  3. Oh Shannon she is so beautiful and I remember when she was that little and it is just amazing how fast time goes by. The poem was just beautiful anj yes you made me cry dangit!!

  4. Cheryl Witherell29 May, 2009

    She is beautiful and yes you and Glenn did an awesome job. You can sure write that was a great poem. Best of luck Skylar in all that you do.
    Love, Cheryl