Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreams...Tears...and Smiles!

I woke this morning with my pillow wet from tears. Oh how I miss my grandparents!! I dreamt of them while I was sleeping and woke up feeling that happy yet sad feeling. That feeling that gives you a smile and yet your heart is super heavy. My little brother has a 6 month old baby and another baby on the way, and I dreamt that my Grandmother phoned me and asked if I would have him and the babies meet her at their house on Christmas Eve. Yes, in my dream my brother and his wife have had their second baby already and my Grandparents home had not yet sold. Upon arriving my Grandmother was dressed as Mrs. Clause and my Grandfather was in a Santa Suit. This brought back a FLOOD of childhood memories and I can only guess that I dreamt this because they were letting us know that they are keeping a close eye on our growing family from above and wanted to make sure we knew that they have indeed seen the new arrivals. Who knows...maybe Granny gave God the "Go Ahead" on this much UNexpected pregnancy lol and has seen this new baby even before we have...that thought makes me laugh! This dream comes after a very heartfelt prayer to the good Lord to give a family that lost their son just a year ago today a dream. I know if my heart is this heavy today that theirs has to feel as if it is weighed down with concrete sacks. I am however feeling better now....I think tears have a way of cleansing the soul and soothing the spirit! My tears have been wiped away and a smile is permanently placed on my face. I am thankful for the dream and look forward to the next!

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  1. What a great dream! I too believe that it was their way of letting you know they are keeping watch on us all. Thanks for sharing!! Love you!