Friday, October 1, 2010

Building a foundation and CLEANING HOUSE while doing it!

Building my foundation and making it stronger one layer at a time! And, Gosh am I having a great time doing it! I am a FIRM believer that if we work on our own foundation those around us will follow. They can’t help but follow because they will want what we have! Doesn't everyone want to build a house on a STRONG foundation that can withstand strong winds and rain! I think that by securing a foundation with the word of the Lord that we can withstand life's blows...and boy can life throw some BOULDERS our way. Our outer appearance is very important but having a spectacular inner appearance is so much more important to me. I mean after all our spirit is what will stand and testify for us at the end of our journey and it is what we will spend eternity being. Now, I am not sure about you but I know for a fact that being a sweet, caring, loving, honest and FUN spirit is what I want to carry on into this place called ETERNITY! What we look like on the outside and the things we own here on Earth can never testify on our behalf nor go with us when we why do so many people invest SO much into materialistic things?! I hope my children realize that taking the time to character build NOW and allowing Jesus into your heart is the BEST INVESTMENT one will EVER make! You know that feeling you have when your house is clean, that feeling of satisfaction and “AHHH”…. Just loving how wonderful it feels??I think that if people would take the time to clean the dust and webs from their spirit and soul they would be shocked at how much grime build up they actually have. LOL….but BOY DOES IT FEEL GOOD WHEN IT IS CLEAN!! So let’s all get on board and CLEAN HOUSE and help our children to learn how to clean their own rooms PROPERLY!


  1. Amen sister! This country would be better off if ppl took the time to teach their kids a thing or two about God's word.

  2. AMEN! I love your Blog. May God Bless You.