Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Sophie!

The above picture was taken after Church on Sunday night. So many people blessed Sophie with Rosaries, Bracelets, Pins, and PRAYERS!!!!

LAST weekend was a great one! I must say it started off kind of scary though! Thursday night I received a phone call from Father Stan asking that Sophie and I be at EVERY MASS starting Saturday night. He wanted me to speak to the entire congregation and ask them for prayers. He also wanted to hold a special prayer service on Wednesday evening, and he wanted Sophie to be at all the events. He also told us that the Archbishop would be attending Wednesday's service in order to bless our sweet Sophie! This was scary because for ONE, I AM NOT a good public speaker and TWO, I wasn't sure Sophie would be up for this job! But, I also knew that we were indeed asking the Lord for a lot and so if this was our part then we could do it! When I spoke with Sophie about it, she had no hesitation what so ever! Now you have to understand that Sophie is extremely SHY around people and so I knew this would be NO EASY FEAT! Saturday morning I got a phone call that Sophie missed me and she was having a fit to come over and spend the night, so Sophie and her brother packed their bags and arrived early that afternoon. That evening we made our first mass, and it went EXTREMELY WELL! Father called Sophie up and she looked a little nervous but SHE WENT and SMILED THE ENTIRE TIME! Then they called me up...I kept reminding myself that if Sophie could undergo all that she was in her little life, I could INDEED stand up and speak in front of all those people! With Gods encouragement and Sophie's smile, I did it! Also,knowing she started heavy doses of Chemo on Monday and that prayers were the best medicine kept me going! We repeated this again Sunday morning, afternoon, and evening! By Sunday night, our Princess Sophie was a celebrity! Everybody wanted to know and meet her! AND EVERYBODY SAID THEY WOULD BE PRAYING!!! We celebrated her first Church appearance Saturday night after Mass with a Bon Fire, wiener and marshmallow roast, sparklers and FIREWORKS at my home! Oh boy did her and her brother have a BLAST! We topped the evening off with making a huge campsite in the living room, cozying up together and watching "Casper"! SOPHIE AND JACOB didn't want the evening to end and neither did we! My son Peyton said "it was the best time"!!! IT WAS GREAT! They went home Sunday night and boy was I sad! I DREADED the thought of the morning coming, knowing what our sweet Sophie would be going through! She was blessed with her sweet grandparents coming into town and taking her for her first treatment along with her parents. They called me that evening to say that she was doing very well! She had ate like a HORSE and had not gotten sick at all! I was SO EXCITED and KNEW that the power of prayer was working!!!! Tuesday morning I got up early so I could meet Sophie and her grandparents at the doctors office. That way I could take her home from Tuesday's treatment since her grandparents had to get back home for their own doctor appt on Wednesday. Tuesday was heartbreaking for me! I watched our sweet Sophie take the chemo and all the other "stuff" that goes with it, like a CHAMPION!! Parents with well children have NO IDEA how BLESSED they are until they witness first hand what these children go through! I admire the parents of these children as much as the kids themselves. She only shed a few tears and she did get sick once, but nothing like we had expected. We came home and she rested most of the day. Knowing that Wednesday was coming up, and this was a huge Mass for her...we PRAYED that the Good Lord would give her strength to make it through the next day’s chemo and then make it to Mass. Her parents brought her to me EARLY Wednesday morning and she had the biggest SMILE EVER! She was ready for Mass that night but knew that she first had to undergo Chemo that morning. SHE AMAZES ME!! These kids make most adults look like wimps!!!! So we were off! We met her daddy there and she underwent treatment! Again, she only got sick once and bounced right back!!! That night she rode with my family to mass and we met her family there! Her grandparents, parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and SO MANY WONDERFUL people from our community came to pray for her and she was on CLOUD 9!!! She was very tired, but NOT SICK and that was a true gift from GOD! Her parents tell me that I am a big blessing for them but I feel that she has blessed me and my ENTIRE family SO MUCH MORE! I am so fortunate that her parents allow me to do so much with her!! I went to bed Wednesday night and I told my husband that Sophie is a HUGE inspiration. She should INSPIRE everyone that there are NO excuses for skipping church ever! She was tired, she was sick, but SHE WAS THERE....and she went with a SMILE! Thank you everyone for the prayers.....she is feeling them and they are WORKING! To make the week even better...her parents have asked my husband and I to be her Godparents! We will be baptizing her on Sunday!!!!! I just know that this story will have a great ending come summertime!!!!!! KEEP PRAYING!


  1. Shannon, thank you for the update. Our familiy here in Conroe is praying for her too! Steve and Kasey used to live next door to us and Kasey and I were pregnant at the same time. We've missed Sophie and Jacob since they've moved, but my husband keeps in touch with their progress with Steve.

  2. Oh I am so happy you found my blog! Can I ask how? Sophie and Jacob are two of the sweetest children, and I'm very blessed to have had them enter my life! Thank you for commenting and I will keep updating as new info comes up! There are so many prayers being said and that makes my heart so happy!!!

  3. I am happy for Sophie. She has been in my prayers daily. I will continue praying for her. May God Bless You.