Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Okay so a few of the blogs I follow have blogged on RANDOM THINGS about themselves! I found it very interesting and thought I would do the same! This has been a very FUN BLOG! Since I had to ask Glenn, Trevor, Peyton and Skylar what they thought was random about me and they came up with a few of these! You can try and guess which ones!

Some people will ask, "WHY?" "WHO CARES?" But I think that years from now my great grandchildren and even my grandchildren will read this AND GET A HUGE LAUGH! And who knows..maybe a light will go off as to WHY THEY DO SOME OF THE "RANDOM, WEIRD" THINGS THEY DO! LOL....IT WAS THEIR CRAZY GRANDMOTHER that they take after of course!!!! SO HERE IT GOES!

30 RANDOM THINGS to confirm that I am indeed a crazy and very random person!

1. I LOVE music with Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones, Michael Buble, JAZZ leads the way and of course Country and Christian! BUT MUSIC get's me going! The television is a DOWNER!
2. I LOVE flip flops no matter what the season and would go barefoot if I could! I think flip flops year round are just part of everyday TEXAS CULTURE!
3. I LOVE foods that "BURST" in my mouth...peas, cherry tomatoes, gushers, chocolate covered cherries etc...But I do have one exception....BRUSSEL SPROUTS. YUCK!
4. I HATE when people crack their bones! (Knuckles, back, neck etc.)It is worse than nails on a chalkboard in my book!
5. I LOVE the feeling of a FRESH SHAVED FACE (not mine of course)!!! I think this is right up there with the feeling of a newborn baby’s velvety skin!
6. I am a SAPPY romantic at heart and require LOTS of attention from Glenn! He says I am a self confessed "Needy" person! lol
7. I ALWAYS sing in the shower...My family call's it my personal "music recording studio" but my singing is beyond AWFUL LOL!!!
8. I AM TERRIFIED of ANY REPTILE!!!! To the point of hyperventilating if one happens to touch me! I believe Lizards look like baby dino's!
9. I want to sip wine and eat cheese sitting on a blanket over looking the vineyards of Italy someday (preferably BEFORE and NOT AFTER I die)
10. I cannot seem to walk past bubble wrap without popping it no matter where I am!
11. I drink coffee like I enjoy my cereal! SUPER SWEET WITH LOTS OF MILK! My husband swears this will make me a diabetic if I continue Lol!
12. I love any form of communication! (facebook, email, phone calls, texting, snail mail, BLOGGING)
13. I have to wear earrings..or I feel NAKED! And I would rather wear NO makeup if I must go without lipstick or mascara!
14. I have NEVER lived on my own and don't look forward to the day I ever have to! (Kids be prepared to move your Mother in someday)
15. I can be dressed for a night out in less than 20 minutes.
16. My mind works super fast and I can change subjects in mid sentence at times. LOL
17. I cannot help but burst into dance when I hear the song "Walk like an Egyptian"! (Thank you, Skylar for the reminder!!)
18. I love CHEEK LOVE! Pressing my children’s cheek against mine and "smuggling" was a known instant "make Mommy HAPPY" gesture when the kids were little!
19. I have a terrible memory when it comes to memorizing artists names, books, movies, years, etc. (hence the reason for my school grades in History)
20. I LOVE to LAUGH and I enjoy being goofy with my family.....my children take after me and we often turn a night into comedy for my husband!
21. I always use the words "Big" and "little" when speaking of my brothers! I cannot bring myself to say "older" or "younger" and I have no idea why!
22. I am extremely LOUD! I could never enter a room and leave without anyone knowing I was ever there. You would think I was from a Greek family instead of a polish one! (notice the exclamation points all over this page) haha
23. I am always on time or early! My sons thought I couldn't tell time when they were little because I would always tell them it was 10 minutes later than it actually was. haha...I STILL DO!
24. I talk during movies and often must rewind to hear what I missed!
25. I start reading magazines from the MIDDLE and sporadically go through it!
26. I am not a fan of people who find pleasure in belittling others and often root for the underdog!
27. I cannot SCARE ANYONE! I often hide and then BURST out laughing right before they turn the corner! (Weird, I know)
28. I have TUBS of pictures and very few albums!
29. I seldom think before I speak which makes my family worry at times!

30. I have NO artistic talent what so ever!!! My artwork from my elementary years would SCARE YOU and perhaps made my teachers think I needed therapy! Lol. One day I will post pics and share!

Hope you enjoyed and got a chuckle or two! Try and not feel too sorry for my family…I WILL POST THEIR RANDOM THINGS NEXT! Haha..KIDDING OF COURSE! (OR AM I) ;)


  1. Me...I love black coffee and Jesus, but not in that order. And I better put my wife of 45 years in there somewhere.

    I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower also if you care to.

  2. I love your randomness!!! =) I may have to post mine.

  3. I have been told that my loudness is BECAUSE of me being Polish. I can hear my Dad's voice carry in room full of people talking. Polish power---lol.

  4. Thank you all so much for the comments! I will certainly check out and add more beautiful blogs! Mel, I can't wait to see your random post!!! And Mary Jo, it's nice to know that us polish women stick together!! Lol.