Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPRING! Beautiful Hummingbird..you bring me JOY!

HOORAY for SPRING..my favorite time of the year! I love how everything is new and fresh. Even the sun seems to shine a little differently. Well I saw our first Hummingbird this week. I tried to capture a fantastic photo but every time I did a darn leaf would fall from our Oak tree and scare it away. Hummingbirds are extremely special to me. I was taught a love for them MANY MANY years ago by my Granny! They took on a different type of special a few years back. You see my Granny who happened to be one of my very best friends became terminally ill with Lung cancer. The day before she left us, I wheeled her on the front porch and asked her what she could come back as when she makes it to heaven, to let me know she was okay. She told me she would come back as a hummingbird. That was all that was said and for the rest of the visit we never mentioned it again. My family knew at this point that we were lucky to have any conversation with her at all since she was on such heavy medication for pain. The next morning she quit all verbal communication, and we lost her later that day. The day we lost my Granny me and my family sat on the porch (the same porch we had just spoken on the day before)talking and mourning when I heard a LOUD and fast BZZZZZZZZZZ rush past me and it was so incredibly close to my ear. Frightened that it was a bee or hornet, I without thinking SHOOED it. I then jumped and yelled "WHAT WAS THAT, IT HAD TO BE HUGE". My aunt looked at me and said "It was a hummingbird" I then turned saw the hummingbird hovering by me for a split second and then flew off. That hummingbird did a lot for me that day. You see it went past my ear and hovered for a quick second and then kept going. It not only brought my soul sunshine on a very, very DARK day, but it told me that my Granny is not only in my past but is waiting for me in my future. So now when I see a hummingbird it makes my soul leap with JOY, and I thank God for letting me have that real last talk with my grandmother. It is a reminder to hold the ones you love in your arms while you can, because you never know when you might be able to only hold them in your heart!

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  1. Beautiful story and a beautiful picture!!

    Love, Kristy