Thursday, March 19, 2009


So this morning starts out unlike the usual morning. Glenn has been out of state with work and he is typically our "morning man"..(gets everybody up and going before he heads to work..then I come in the picture and finish off their morning by shouting orders, making sure lunches are taken care of and driving them to school.) SOOOOO, I am not to great at replacing the "morning man" to say the least. We overslept, only to be woke by the phone who just happens to be our "morning man" making sure that I am up and going in which I respond "of course". This causes great HAVOC in the Kosub house...I jump up only to see that Trevor has missed his 6:45am Poultry Judging practice and so we decide to make the best of it and try to just be on time for regular school. Trevor is normally gone much earlier than the other kids so he is exempt from bed making on these mornings, but NOT this morning! I remind him that his bed must be done before we head out. I would LOVE to know what that kid was thinking as he made his bed. You see I do a daily "room check" after returning back home. Well this morning as I turn down the hall towards his room, I get a glimpse at Trevor's bed. What I see SCARES the living CRAP out of me! His bed appears to have somebody sleeping it!

Now I am thinking "who the hell is here, I just dropped the boys off", so not knowing what exactly to do..I say (loudly).."I AM CALLING THE COPS", still no movement. So I get our dog K.B. (like seriously, what is a 8lb bundle of HAIR going to do), and make him come with me to pull the covers from the bed to reveal whatever this "THING" is in my son's bed. As I pull the covers back I fell to the ground in HYSTERICS! For only Trevor would do something like this to me and probably has laughed many times today in class just waiting to hear hear the story about the LUMPY BED!


  1. HILARIOUS!!!!!! The HAY HUMOR lives on!

  2. The whole darn thing is cracking me up, but the one thing that keeps me gigglin, is thinking about you saying , "Im callin the cops"!!!! That just cracks me up and you will never live that down!!!!

    Love, K

  3. I agree with Kristy! The "I'm calling the cops" part was the funniest!!! I will remember that line if I ever think some intruder is in my home.... sleeping the day away in one of our beds!!! I have heard this is a major threat in our area :-)

    Just kidding... you know we love ya!

    Michelle @ Getting Dirty in Texas

  4. FUNNY story! Love your blog!