Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yes, there is a Santa Clause!

Good morning! A simple question from a kind but curious adult sparked me to journal.

I was asked, " Why do you call the LV Angels Christmas event the "Evening with Santa"? "Leaving God's name out of it completely?"

This question instantly took me back 10 years ago when I was asked a very similar question, "Mom, if there is no Santa then does that mean there is no God?", from a teary eyed 10 year old girl who had just discovered from children at school that Santa was a made up character. So my response was a fairly fast and easy answer. " I believe Santa Clause is just a mere representation for God. To me Santa is a gentle way of talking about and introducing God to the most tender of hearts."

I chuckle to myself thinking about how many eyebrows were just raised as they wonder to themselves how I could possibly compare God and Santa? However, I can easily and without hesitation explain that as well.

Let me start my saying that all though Santa is a fictional character and God is a TRUE AND VERY REAL essence, they do have a lot in common. Santa much like God never ages nor does he die. (Even their very existence is something of a mystery) They both are "all knowing"' ( they do keep a list and know if you are bad or good and if you are sleeping or awake) Both are told to live “above us.” (the north pole & heaven). Santa and God each love people no matter their circumstances, and want us to do the same. They are reported to share the same level of patience... slow to anger and quick to forgive. Children eagerly await Santa's arrival in hopes they had been good all year, much how adults await the coming of Christ in hopes that they have led a good life. But, the biggest thing they have in common, this time of year is their "Helpers". God has His disciples and Santa has elves. Without them, how would their very existence continue and be passed on from generation to generation. I remember looking at that sweet, innocent brown-eyed 10 year old and explaining the story of St. Nicholas and how he was one of the very first "elves/disciple" in teaching us what Christmas was truly about. I sat explaining to her that Santa's reindeer were actually symbolic of the donkeys that carried the wise men and their gifts, just like the twinkling Christmas lights were the Stars that lit their way. How the star on top of our tree was meant to be the Star of Bethlehem, the angels were to remind us of how the message of Jesus' birth was delivered " and lastly how Santa's jingle bells represented the coming of a special occasion or message, much like we hear in our church before we take communion. What a wonderful teachable moment that had turned into. I remember thinking with a mothers heart, and refusing to allow anyone to turn her child's Christmas into anything but what it really was.

Christmas is that time of year we allow our memories to transport us back to simpler and more nostalgic times. Songs by Burl Ives, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby..okay I think you get the picture. Those songs teleport me to my own Christmas past. I hear them and I think of our living room and a Christmas tree strung with lights, huge primary-colored bulbs that get all scratched but still looked beautiful, tinsel that sparkled everywhere, and a silver lighted, foil tinged Christmas Star on top. Instantly I am a kid again, lying under the tree next to my brothers coloring in a Christmas coloring book, dreaming of what we would be getting from Santa, and figuring out how much money we had saved to buy our parents gifts from "Santa's workshop!" A time of excitement in preparation for a huge family get together with our most favorite people. It was a time of BELIEVING in things unseen, MAGICAL beauty, and HOPES that the feeling the season brought would never end.

Now as I finish my journal entry, I feel the need to thank this kind person for asking me that curious question. It forced me to remember what it is that makes this time of year so incredibly special.

And now I ask them, " Why would I NOT call this event the "Evening with Santa?"

Please feel free to share this email, in hopes that it might enlighten someone else along the way.

Many Blessings!

A friendly reminder:
We invite you to come celebrate with the LV Angels Tuesday December 6@ 7pm. At the LV City park and turn into a child again while you ride Santa's sleigh along side Mrs, Clause, sip hot coco and listen to Christmas carols, and enjoy watching " Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" from a 12ft movie screen as your children wait with excitement to visit Santa and take rides on the Wiggle Waggle Polar Express train. Remember that we have donation boxes at HEB, Family Dollar, Dollar General, St. Ann's Catholic Church, and Affordable trailers. We hope to collect many nearly new coats and blankets as well as brand new pajamas, undergarments, and outer garments for children in our community that are less fortunate. You may call Lisa at 830-779-2796 and order your families "Evening with Santa" t-shirts for a price of $10.50 each with all proceeds going towards families that are more in need. This is a free event with only one requirement....YOU MUST BRING YOUR CHILD LIKE FAITH & YOUR SMILES!
(incase you too need some help one day as I did) :-)

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