Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness & I got behind...AGAIN

A 30 day challenge of Thankfulness and I got behind...AGAIN!

Today is the 9th. SO here is yesterday and todays:

Yesterday we were blessed with a "touch" of rain and cooler weather. So Day 8 is my gratitude for the MUCH needed rain. South Texas is in the middle of a record drought and any moisture we get is always very much appreciated. The rain we received won't even begin to make up for the lack of rain we need, but anything helps when you have thirsty lawns, trees & critters. I am thankful on this Day 9 of the challenge for the cooler temperatures. After a long, hot summer of reaching triple digits, these cool Autumn mornings feel amazing!


  1. It is nearing the weekend here in South Carolina so we are expecting rain. I believe it has rained for the past two weekends. I enjoy your blog. God Bless You.