Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us!

Day 4: Today my husband and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. Gosh, it has honestly flew by! Glenn informed me this morning that we have been together over half of my life. WOW! I REALLY FEEL OLD....but I wouldn't want to grow old with anyone else! 3 wonderful children later we are still reinventing different ways to fall in love. Thus far it's been a great journey together. I would be lying if I said it's been perfect but it's been as near to perfect as most people can ever hope to experience. My husband is a great, honest, loyal, God fearing and hard working man. He can work on and fix just about anything....and not just with WD40 and DUCT

I love him more each day that passes. He truly knows me better than anyone. He can tell when I am tired or have a lot on my mind. He can sense over the phone when I have been upset or am just out of sorts. He comforts me and tries to make me laugh. He makes me feel loved and supported. And, I know that he backs me 100% in everything I do. So today I am thankful for my HANDSOME husband!

I have no regrets that I took that vow 22 years ago. It felt "right" then, but it feels "PERFECT" now. He is my partner, my love, my rock, and my friend. God picked the best husband for me, and because we kept Him close, I feel we grew together over the years instead of apart.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You are truly blessed with a wonderful man. Your love for him came right through your words as I read your post. ☺ Hope you have a fabulous day as you enjoy the company of one another. Thanks for sharing your heart. Happy Saturday! ☺

  2. Happy Anniversary! WOW 22 years!! AWESOME!! You two are a great example of love and marriage! You were blessed with a wonderful man and he was blessed with an amazing woman! Love you!!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! 22 years is wonderful. This December we celebrate our tenth. See you around!


  4. So sweet. Happy Anniversary! :)