Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lessons in language! WOW

This morning I went outside to watch the sunrise. It was cold yet so refreshing at the same time. The view from my house at this time of year is simply PERFECT! The sun is rising in the east and the warmth from it on your face is so soothing! And, when you do an about face, you see the most gorgeous moon descending in the west. The sight of this today almost had me in tears. You see, it's those moments that I'm alone with God that so much of His work makes sense to me. It was almost as if He was saying..."Shannon, can't you see that yesterday is fading but what a beautiful sight it was and it's leaving you with a smile. Now turn around and see the beauty that is just dawning, and the wonderful things that wait you."

Isn't that just amazing? Tonight when the moon rreappears, it will be His reminder to me that just because something is out of sight, doesn't mean that it's necessarily gone forever. Day 10: I'm grateful that I'm finally understanding how God speaks... And gosh do I love his language! I have temporarily turned off the music to the page so that you can play a song that has become my saving grace in my dark moments.


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