Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forever in my heart!

Well that dreaded time has come…that time that you must say goodbye to something that has ALWAYS held such a special spot in your heart. My second home for all my younger years. The place that holds SO MANY great and loving memories. To some it may just be mortar and bricks but to me those memories hold so many, many, many, stories. I can still see my Granny cooking all those wonderful meals in the kitchen, and Grandpa with his pipe sitting across the bar watching her and telling her “man it smells good!” I can hear them say “Well look who is here” when I would first arrive to visit. I can still feel the love that this home brought us and see vivdly every holiday with our entire huge family, never once feeling like we had ever outgrown it. This house was our entire families “ROCK” ! No matter what came up in any of our lives, we knew one thing for sure….Granny and Grandpa’s house would ALWAYS be there and at the door you would find open arms to greet you. I will miss this house almost as much as I miss my grandparents. To watch the house that my grandparents cherished and worked so hard for be sold is heartbreaking. A new family will soon be moving in and making it a home once again. My plans are to greet them with a heartwarming (house-warming) gift. I think by doing this it will not only help heal my broken heart but allow me to see that what are now just memories to me is a new and wonderful future for the new family. The house has never been the same since my grandparents left it, seeing it sit alone for many years has been painful to watch. So I believe to see life there again, hopes and future dreams will bring healing to my broken heart. I have to keep reminding myself that that this home was just their temporary house and that they are now living in the castle they truly worked so hard here on earth for. I hope and pray that the new family will cherish this house as much as me and my family did. This place will never leave my heart, it was a part of who I am today and for that I AM SO LUCKY!

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