Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi guys! Sorry it has been awhile since I blogged! I have received so many emails asking me WHY???...and I love it! It shows I have so many friends that care but themselves DONT BLOG....I WISH THEY WOULD!!! Finding time can sometimes be extremely difficult. This one will be just a brief update and I promise to blog in detail later. My life has been CRAZY lately. Good thing I LOVE craziness! Trevor goes to competition this week for Poultry judging. Say a prayer, those poor kids have been really working hard! My family and I just attended the Pollok Fundraiser for little Luke this past was wonderful to see so MANY compassionate people. My prayers go out to Luke and his family. If your interested in finding out more about Luke and his journey here is his website: Before attending the FUNraiser, we went to church in Pana Maria and took flowers to my grandparents who are buried there. The church is just GORGEOUS, and we shocked my aunt and uncle who were not expecting us. It was just a wonderful, BLESSED day! I am now planning Peyton's sleepover for his birthday this weekend. WISH ME LUCK! 15 young boys running around is sure to tire me out! OHHHHHHHH and I have began a workout program which has got me so sore! I told Glenn that my muscles remind me of bears that have been woken from hibernation and they are ROARING LOUDLY! OUCHHHHHHHHHH!

Well I love you guys and will blog later and I promise to have some pictures with it!

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  1. Good for you on the workout thing!! Even though you NEVER show up to walk with us!!!

    I heard that the fundraiser raised over $90,000 and oh gosh what a blessing!!!

    Let us know how the sleepover goes okay!

    Love, Kristy