Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter weekend can be summed up in one word………….BLESSED! I know it’s that word again that I use ALL THE TIME on here. But it truly was a blessed weekend. We had such a super day! A little bit of much needed rain, lots of sunshine, happy kids, tons of GREAT FOOD provided by all who came, wonderful conversation, and much needed laughter was the recipe of a successful gathering! Thank you to all my family and friends for a enjoyable Easter Sunday together – I feel super blessed. I so enjoyed the little guys!! Just watching them run, jump, pick on one another and then die laughing, playing pool, watching Glenn hold up the very young ones so they could see the birds nest full of polka dot eggs, and then watching them bounce each other crazy in the moon bounce did my heart good. Watching the bond between cousins, and listening to kids screaming and laughing while having fun, and seeing them laugh from the belly over something little is FOOD FOR MY SOUL! My weekend ended in celebration and my week began the exact same way. My daughter Skylar turned 18!! WOW! We had a FUN, RELAXING DAY!!! I went to bed that night remembering that feeling 18 years ago that changed my life forever. That overwhelming intense, protective feeling, the feeling of such love and loyalty. I remember looking at Glenn with HUGE tears in his eyes and both of us feeling such pride and joy. Now after 18 years, we both feel that same pride and joy, and are learning how to now let our baby leave our protective wings (which is so hard) and yet still give protection from a distance. I'm also grateful for all three of my children. They give me a reality check - their very existence has helped me put things into perspective. My children make me realize what really matters, help me see my own strengths and have taught me a kind of love I never knew existed. HAHA I’m sure Glenn will read this and go WHAT THE H@&&.... But what I mean is children teach you about unconditional love. Sure I would swim oceans and battle wars for my hubby but there Is NOTHING that my children could ever do to make me fall out of love for them. I will close this blog by THANKING GOD for the JOY in my life! While I love my happy moments with my life, family and friends I do understand that happiness is a temporary emotional thing that comes and goes. Happiness can be brought to you by the enemy and take you farther from God if your not careful, but JOY is so important that the enemy tries to rob you of it daily. Joy brings us peace in the middle of craziness and is something that only GOD can give us through our spirit. Remember when happiness leaves us JOY remains! I hope you all had a HAPPY and JOYFUL Easter weekend!

Hugs to all!


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