Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

Well I survived yet another birthday party and boy can I tell I am getting OLD!! I am wore completely out Skylar had many parties, one that I so vividly recall had 30 girls sleeping on my floor. I could stay up until the wee hours of the morning and acted as if I to was 10, 11, 12, etc.etc. years old. NOT ANYMORE! Either I am getting older or boys are just WAY more rambunctious and full of energy. Not sure why I sound so shocked since I AM the one however that fed them plenty of Jelly Belly’s, sour punch straws ( thank you Nano by the way..they LOVED them) and Cupcakes. They were a WONDERFUL group (12 in all) of boys, with a lot of life in them (which I love to see)! Peyton told me that it was his best birthday ever (he does however say this after every party-lol). I know that his opening a CELL PHONE from one of his best friends could be a contributing factor to his smile that has not left his face. We have been holding strong to our decision of NO PHONE until he is in middle school at which time he would be starting to travel with his teams. So his dad and I will discuss how we will handle him and his new found (given) love. He received LOTS of wonderful gifts and had a great party! I did finally go to bed leaving Glenn, Trevor, and Kody to tend to the boys until about 2:45am.! I took the 6:00am shift when I was awoken by Glenn telling me “TAG your it”! They slept MAYBE 3 hours and woke with a vengeance. I have to hand it to Glenn, he is a trooper! While I tended to sleeping bags, getting teeth brushed etc. etc. Glenn got up and fixed a FULL breakfast for the small army we had! Feeding 12 hungry, growing boys is no small feat. After breakfast I asked the boys to gather their things since their parents would be arriving shortly and heard MANY GROWNS, which told me they had as much fun as Peyton did! This makes me very, very happy! Now it’s time for us to rest up and start preparing for May and June parties…UGH! Good thing my son Trevor doesn’t enjoy huge parties! Ever since he was small he has only wanted 3 MAYBE 4 kids over. I have taken it upon myself in the past to throw him big parties only for him to tell me that smaller ones are WAY better. So May holds Trevor’s 15th bday and my hubby Glenn’s big 40th (both on the same day May 30th)! Then ending our party season with a HUGE graduation party for Skylar on the second weekend of June! Come July we will be taken a long and well deserved vacation! Hope everybody had as great and wonderful weekend as we did.

The very sweaty BIRTHDAY BOY!!!


Steven may be tiny but he is MIGHTY!!!

My sweet Trevor who had just gotten home after his team took 2nd in their Poultry judging!!!

The kids feeding our calves! Peyton thought it was a welcome break from him having to do his daily

Hot dogs was the requested meal of the day!



  1. WOW-10 years old!! Happy Birthday Peyton!! Looks like a fun party!