Saturday, October 15, 2011


This was such a FUN post!! I hope you smile and enjoy it as much as I did writing it!!!

"Words" seem to be the item of choice to blog about these days. And today I have chosen the word "Sparkle"---a word that has always been a favorite of mine. So it makes me wonder, why? The 7 year old girl in me wants to say because it's pretty, shiny, it makes me happy and always brings a smile. The more mature woman in me wants to say the same, but also looks even deeper. The word "sparkle" to most is defined by something you see and because of this; I don't feel the word is given the credit it deserves. To me Sparkle is zest, aliveness, lightness, joy, its magic. Sparkles light things up. It's the beauty of a clear night sky, the glisten of the sun on the lake, the twinkle of a Christmas tree, a firecracker on the 4th of July but most's the light in our souls that draw others to us. Without that sparkle, your spirit isn't working up to its greatest potential. Sparkle is, pretty much, infectious. Sparkle is faith, hope, trust, love, enthusiasm, the Light of God rekindling our inner spirit. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the sparkle in a Childs eye on Christmas morning, the skip of a pair of kindergarten friends, and the giggle of a baby. As we grow up we tend to lose that sparkle. Life has a way of robbing things from us and doing it without our permission. It steals time, loved ones, our youth, etc. Those things we don't have control over but I think we should put an end to it being a thief to the things we do. And our SPARKLE should be first on the list. After all it is what makes us smile, delights us with light and brings us a sense of MAGIC! And so what would happen if we all brought a little Sparkle back into our lives?? MAGIC, magic would happen!! I'm ready to pour a little more "Sparkle" into my life so my family better watch out! LET'S ALL GET OUT THERE AND SHOW THE WORLD HOW TO SPARKLE AND SHINE!!!HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

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