Monday, October 31, 2011

A Quiet Halloween

Halloween was an extremely quiet one this year. Usually, our family is the enthusiastic one that is planning out the evening, rushing home so that we can hook up the trailer, throw on some bales of hay, put on spooky music and then rush out to meet friends and do some trick or treating. But this year, we just weren't feeling it. Not having Sophie here to take part in the festivities like last year, really put a damper on our emotions. Nobody had the will to decorate and "Stuffy" the scarecrow remained un-stuffed and put away for yet another year. Our annual "Fall Family Fun Night" didn't take place and silently we all hoped Halloween would pass as just another day. But, as the day progressed and afternoon got closer I realized that sitting home and ignoring the holiday wasn't going to make anybody feel any better. So I sent Skylar to the local grocery store, where her and Peyton picked out what I believe to be "The Great Pumpkin", lol.(Not really, but gosh it was heavy!) We enjoyed taking turns scooping the sticky seeds out of the bright orange cavity, laughing at how we each had our own method and tools to use. Peyton was crowned the carving king this year, he got to draw and carve it. This is usually his daddy's job and as you can see he had a hard time giving the job up. But he was determined to have a shot at it and I must admit he did a DARN GOOD JOB! We made a dish of lasagna, a pumpkin pie and set the television to record some spooky shows. All in all even thought it lacked the PIZAZ of years past, it was extremely enjoyable. I don't ever remember having a more relaxing Halloween evening. I have a strong feeling that since the kids are getting older now, there are going to be many more in our future. But between you and me..*whispers* "I hope NOT"! Who knows, maybe just maybe since we had no scary decorations up, we might have invited a few very familiar sweet spirits near instead of scaring them away. If they were close, I know they were pleased to see that we are moving forward, still thinking of them, missing them terribly but keeping our smiles as we go.


  1. Hi Shannon! We had a quiet Halloween too. This is the 2nd year we've chosen not to celebrate this holiday. We treated the kids to dinner out at one of their favorite restaurants and then rented some movies. Our sweet next-door neighbors brought special treats to the kids. All in all, it was a good day.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now a follower of yours and look forward to your posts. I'm adding you to my blog roll. Happy Tuesday! ☺

  2. I am glad you had an enjoyable Halloween. I think Holidays (even Halloween) are mostly about enjoying time with Family. Enjoying the company you have and remembering those that can't be there.