Saturday, October 24, 2009


On a Thursday a few weeks hubby called and asked if I was ready for an ESCAPE to the sunny SAN FRANCISCO. For real, NOW?? Of Course, with our 20th anniversary coming up November 4th, what better time than now to go! I knew we had a window of opportunity that probably wouldn’t come again for quite sometime. And I was ready for a get away with just him and I!

We were headed to California to see San Francisco and I could NOT have been more excited! My excitement was short lived however. After telling the kids and seeing the look on my son Peyton's face, the excitement vanished as fast as it had came! The closer the date came to us leaving, the more I tried backing out! I mean really, HOW WAS MY HOUSE GOING TO RUN WITHOUT ME??!!! Well, my husband would NOT hear of me changing my mind...and I will forever be grateful!!!! My wonderful daughter and terrific Mother were more than happy to take over my duties and send me off on my trip knowing everything back home was taken care of!

The trip was MORE than I ever thought it would be! The Golden Gate Bridge was amazing, riding the cable cars up and down the hills of San Fran was just so awesome. The town of Sausalitos on the other side of the Golden Gate was beautiful!! We traveled up mountains and saw great views of San Francisco, walked hand in hand on Stinson beach, and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Enjoyed seeing a 130 year old farm, and tasting the wine from the GORGEOUS vineyards in Nappa Valley!!! We had breakfast in bed overlooking breathtaking views of mountains, leisurely walks, tasty food from real restaurants (no Burger Kings), coffee breaks in charming bistros and time to breathe in the fresh sea air. The sun was shining most of the time. We took a couple of naps. We had time to talk about anything and nothing all. I had no where I had to be. No laundry to wash, beds to make, no cleaning or cooking, no bathing the dog, or homework to check, and my life for a few days only revolved around MY OWN SCHEDULE!!! Of course NONE of this could have been done without the WONDERFUL help of Mom and Skylar. Nightly calls home always delivered good news...Peyton was LOVING his play time with his Poppy and Uncle Bruz, Trevor was more than pleased with his Nano's great cooking and Skylar was happy to spend some alone time with her grandparents! Each day after school they would go to my parents to do homework, play, and eat dinner..then Sky would bring them home to shower and get into bed, and would take them to school each morning for me! All in all this past week was just a super terrific one for me. My home on Friday was however a welcome sight...even though I had a terrific time, I did miss my kids immensely! My life feels full right now and I just feel so super BLESSED!


  1. I am so glad you had a good getaway. You both deserved it!! Great pictures! XOXOXOXO

  2. Glad you enjoyed Ug's home state!

  3. Oh Shannon I am so happy for you both!!!!! I loved this post! Frank and I need to just GO!!!! I think we will.

    Love you, Kristy