Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Yard and Home Is Our Symbol Of Faith, Hope and Love!

What a terrific weekend....It's so wonderful what Rain from the heavens can do for a yard and Flowers....after over fertilizing and killing (you will notice the plant on the one side of my walkway) some of my huge flowers, I am grateful for any and all rain. So that inspired my Below you will find pictures of my yard, my FURRY FAMILY and home!

My yard is a place of peace, thoughts and dreams. A place where my husband and I have watched 3 sets of small feet learn to walk, run, catch grasshoppers, and of course a few stickers. It is a place where my boys learned to play football, my daughter did cartwheels, and they all learned to swing themselves. A place that holds the swingset and monkeybars my husband made for them over 18 years ago. And, a place where we garden, grill, swim, and watch outside movies. It is a quaint, SIMPLE, and quiet place...where we have watched memories grow. The place where him and I would lay under the night moon and watch for falling stars in our teens, dreaming of what our life held. A place where our cats can hunt, and our dogs can roll! Twenty years ago it was just a field, but over the years it has become so much more. It is a place where we wanted to show our children that faith goes beyond the parish doors. The place we planted trees that were no taller or bigger around than a fire poker, and watched them grow along with our children. Our trees and children have a few things in common, nourished with love they have flourished and grown faster than we could ever have imagined. It is a place I can sit in solitude and enjoy the the beauty that God gives me. So many different birds have made homes within our trees, and I enjoy each one of them. So I guess you might say that I have kind of turned my yard into my shrine. With natures reminders of what is most important in my life..FAITH,FAMILY, HOPE, and LOVE!


  1. Awesome blog Shannon, I can truly appreciate you and Glenn's faith and how you both cherish your children... Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. Nice post! Sometimes we get so busy, we don't stop to take in the beauty around us.

  3. its such a blessing to have a beautiful home. or a home at all. and yours is gorgeous. thanks for sharing. (and thanks for commenting on my blog :) )

  4. You have a beautiful home and garden. We should all take a break just to listen and see what we never really appreciate.