Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Stuffy" our scarecrow!!!

Move over Miss Wooden Scarecrow, your harvest time companion has arrived to join you center stage as a country Halloween decoration. For centuries, scarecrows have been thought to scare off unwanted garden intruders, this one is thought to scare off intruders period (lol). Our scarecrow is pretty pathetic looking, and the finished product has yet to be delivered. He is missing his red hankie around his neck, his rope belt, boots, and gloves. But I WAS SO EXCITED about our fun evening that I couldn't wait to post! Peyton named him "Stuffy" and you will see in the pics that even our cows were trying to figure out what we were doing! We had the best time tonight grilling chili cheese dogs and stuffing "Stuffy" the Scarecrow. I LOVE our family allows my family some down time from the daily chores and homework!! Hope you enjoy the pictures and puts you in the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT! lol

P.S. These pictures are NOT in order. I will change that when I post the final product. LOL


  1. You guys have way to much fun!!!

  2. Super cute! Love it and your guys!!

  3. Looks like fun! I love the curious cows. :)

  4. Shannon I love Stuffy , I think we are going to have to make Stuffy a friend that will live here at the Rodriguez house. Shannon you are always telling me how beautiful my heart is, well I would love for you to go look in the mirror, because what you will se is a very beautiful person with an incredible heart! As you know, growing up I was always close to "Corky" (i know he hates that, but even my daddy still calls him that), and everything that you have made your home is exactly what I always wanted for him, so when you do get around to looking in that mirror, hug yourself because you are a delight to everyone around you.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

    p.s. you, Kerry and I need to get together and spend some good quality time together, wouldnt that be fun!!!