Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow

I have finally come to the conclusion that some people like to be miserable, that they actually feel happier when they are, and that being around people who are happy make them, well, MISERABLE!

Since very young I was BLESSED with the ability to LOVE unconditionally. I chose to see the "brighter" side of things and yes, YELLOW has always been my favorite color. I have always been told that I have the ability to find kindess in a criminal and have the knack to speak to just about EVERYBODY! My heart is given freely to everybody and has been bruised often, but it doesn't fail to go back for healing. Being and living happy is a choice that I make everyday...Some days it's harder than others, BUT EVERYDAY I MAKE IT MY choice! I have always danced to the beat of my own drum, be it popular or not. I have never had eyes that saw prejudice, nor ears that listened to hatred. I almost ALWAYS root for the underdog even when it isn't ALWAYS the politically correct thing to do. If I walked a path with someone who tried to change the person that I was, I quickly changed paths but NOT before almost always going head to head with those trying to devalue my values!

Growing up I have found that you WILL ALWAYS see people that have a little more, weigh a little less, drive a better car, make more money, live in a bigger house, but I have learned that bigger is not always better, shinier is not always newer, and that money is not everything. I have also learned that the best gift anyone could ever give anyone is absolutely FREE, comes from only you, and can never be returned or exchanged, and that is LOVE! But by far the largest thing I have learned is that life is often NOT easy and darn sure not fair but wasting your time feeling sorry for yourself will only take happiness from you and never will you find the self satisfaction your seeking. The key to happiness is through forgiveness. Forgive others and let go. If you stay angry at somebody then they still have control over you. If you stay angry over past hurts, then your past has control over you. If you forgive them, then you are free. I mean life goes on, doesn't it, after all? No matter how tremendous your fall, people will still go back to raking the leaves, cutting the grass, tilling their fields and planting flowers right? I have learned that friends come and go, everybody fails, and that many people will love you but there will be those that don't. The most important thing is to be true to yourself....not to change who you are for anyone, unless who you are is someone you yourself don't like!

I believe that everything happens for a reason. You might not know today,tomorrow,next week, next year or a decade from now...but some time in your life an event will happen that will "connect the dots" and teach you what you had learned from the previous experience. The TRICK IS YOU HAVE TO LEARN ALONG THE WAY! So the bigger the problem the bigger the lesson!

So I will continue to focus on the future and maximise my positivity. Steering clear of those who tend to cloud my vision with their misery. Hopefully, one day, they too will see that the meaning of life is to seek happiness!


  1. I so agree and love your title. I have recently called myself and situation as optimistic depression...funny i know but even though I fight through depression and its been rough this year, I see a greaterlight and lesson at the end of it...Everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for my lessons! thanks for visiting and following me.great words..and yello is my favorite color too.

  2. Love it. You always do a GREAT job, and I LOVE reading your blog! You DO make me smile.