Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FAITH is not faith...until it has been tested.

I have many friends that are struggling right now as they face life altering events in their life. To some of you my posts may appear as "random" but I feel in my heart they are necessary. If my words touch only one person, than they will have done their job. It is so important to know that the storms in life have no power to destroy, because God will always be bigger.  No matter how devastating it may seem, scary it may appear, or how heavy your cross seems right now, you must believe that there IS a purpose and plan for all that you are enduring. Trust that God knowS and will work it out for your good. All followers will suffer for Christ.  I read something once that has stuck with me ..."blessed is the person whom the storm drives to God." I know that it is only in that "storm" that you will find true happiness.  A true Christian is called to be a soldier. It is only in the war that the true strength and courage of a believer is revealed. After all Faith is not faith until it has been tested! I have learned that if you draw near to God in times of trials you cannot leave His Presence without receiving His strength.   I am praying for my friends who are hurting! Be strong and COURAGEOUS!


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2012

    Thank you!!!

  2. Great post. Everyone needs prayer. God bless you.