Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have been on a bit of a soul searching journey these last few days. I have found where my time hasn't been spent as wisely as it should of been. Talks with God were less and I needed  a bit of a self reflecting "retreat" to bring me back home. This morning as I sit and listen to the morning birds I cannot help but learn from them. Singing and so happy, without a care in the world.  The unimaginable trust they have in God is so strong that not even a storm can rattle them. I watched yesterday as 3 hummingbirds danced about in my sprinkler, and I couldn't help but think of Sophie and my Granny. The hummingbird is a symbol of courage, strength, determination, and beauty. And yet as small and fragile as life itself. I'm not sure I could describe my grandmother or Goddaughter any better. I love how God can speak to you when you stop and truly take the time to listen. The night before last as I sat down at the creek bottom with my children and their friends, just right about dusk; my eye caught the flicker of a twinkle...and then another. The sweet sensation that rushed over me was that of a child.  There is something magical about the twinkle of a firefly...almost fairytale-ish about them. They are my evening time "hummingbird" you could say. Geared with a flash that shouts as a reminder to slow life down and enjoy the simplest of things.  As they danced about in the warm evening air --- I was reminded how God gave each of a dance the second we were born. Complete with our own tune, the tune that makes us unique and special, the tune that we dance to and live by. The dance and tune that makes us.....US! I hope everyday I will remember to take the time to listen for my music! 


  1. Anonymous07 May, 2012

    Stumbled across this blog and it has touched me in ways you could never imagine. I will return often. Thank you!

  2. Shannon,
    Your analogy of the hummingbird is so very much true. Whenever I see a hummingbird, I see my beautiful mother and think of her dancing about on wings light as air with all the strength, beauty and perseverance that she showed in life. Thanks for being who you are and for doing what you do. HUGS!!