Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Cleaning -- Lent 2013

It has been awhile since I have been woken early for a morning meditation! So extremely busy the last few months and now that life is slowing down, I am forced to sift through the clutter that has been taking up space. For lent I vowed to get rid of the "junk" in my life. Things that no longer made me feel fullfilled,served a purpose, or simply added stress to my life. Tough but important decions to make as to whether it is who I am now or who I once was. This morning my focus will be on decluttering my heart the same way I am doing my home. It is a draining process both mentally and physically. So much decision making to be made. It’s my life that I am sifting through, some things should continue the journey with me and some not. I know this is crucial to finding and keeping peace in my mind and heart in order to have a successful Lent Season.... However hard it may be. I understand the importance of freeing up negative space in order to see what God's new visions are for me. Come Easter, my home(s) will be much cleaner and with a lot less clutter!Happy Lent! :)

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