Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The road to inner peace and pure happiness!

Are you happy? I mean truly and satisfyingly happy? I know that many people feel like they are drowning in chaos and cannot find that place of inner peace. But do they really want inner peace? Because in order to find it you must seek it out, and then chase it down, tackle it, attach it to yourself and drag it to where it needs to be. It takes WORK! Nothing in this world comes easy- and darn sure not something you have to fight the enemy for. It will appear fairy simple to obtain, however applying it to your life and keeping it there is the difficult part. Each and every day is truly a gift yet many days we wake only to see the tasks that must be completed by days end, or we wake seeing what others have and we don't. In order to reach a place of inner fulfillment it will require that you take the focus off of yourself and place it on to others. Onto your child, your spouse, coworker, friend and even strangers.You must learn to be thankful and rejoice that we have another day to help another, to bless another, to share in life's wonderful gifts. We must realize that material possessions fall away - but the growth of your soul will never. The soul is where inner peace and Joy comes from and makes home. Its important to understand that your soul is A LIVING THING. And like everything else that lives it is only as healthy as we allow it to be. Without proper food and water, how does your soul grow? How will it feel healthy and alive? I hear people say they are a proud Christians but yet many times there actions don't show it. While reading the book of Ephesians, I heard Paul loud and clear saying.... --You hear His word but are you truly listening to it? Are you applying it to your everyday life and do you understand the full meaning behind each word?

As parents we are seeking "change". But are we living in order to feel that change?
In order to see that change, we must first BE that change, LIVE that change. Live in such a way that when you go to bed your heart feels full. We must understand that simply saying we are a Christian is just mere words. God doesn't just listen for your prayer, He seeks out to see if your actions support your words. Learn that inner fulfillment comes with a price and it's not an easy one. Because to truly believe in God means you must equally believe there is a devil. And as much as our Lord wants to see you succeed, the enemy wants to see you fail. You will be tempted and tested to breaking points at times. But if you keep the smile, the faith and the love.... You will see a break through and feel almost as youthful as you did when your soul was a child. When Saturday mornings were a time of just waking up without the pressures of the world, and your only thought was " what fun is going to happen today?" Now at first people will judge, talk and wonder why your doing the things you are but I give you my word that your rainbow will shine before long, and those same people will be asking when, where and how did you obtain such happiness! Keep your smile no matter what!! When you stumble and give into the enemy, accept it and stand right back up! We all stumble, that proves we are human! But we must be STRONG! I hope you finish reading this post and smile at the next person you see! Fight off the feelings of frustration and find a positive in every moment that your negative! I encourage you to find a friend that is seeking or has already obtained this same goal of inner peace and work together and support one another. After all that is why God gives you the friends he does. I hope your happiness scale flourishes and grows in the next months. May your personal season of "Spring" start now.

Blessings my friends, blessing is what you will gain from not just hearing but actually listening to Gods words and putting them into action.

Much love,

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  1. Shannon you have done it again. Girl, you can inspire like nobody else I have ever met! I want what you are finding and appears have found! Thank you for helping me learn these lessons!

    Your friend,